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June 22nd 2023

Nick Cox Architects journey at HPIC

How specialists in historic architecture grew their business without needing to worry about their offices falling down! Taking the plunge and starting your own business can feel like a daunting step into the unknown, as Nick Cox can attest to.  Nick Cox Architects first joined HPIC in 2006 and specialises […]

June 13th 2023

HPIC Team welcome our new customers ComputerPro

“We have earned our reputation by providing clients with an exceptional service and level of care, and conscientiously building our role as a trusted advisor. We have very high customer retention and referral rates, achieved by valuing and listening to our clients. We know it’s not just about technology, it’s about people, […]

April 24th 2023

Nikalyte are on a growth path

HPIC continue to support Nikalyte on their growth path and now expanding to the Inverness Campus. Nikalyte technology will be part of the new facility as Inverness is on the verge of becoming a world-leading centre for producing life-saving materials that could massively reduce hospital infections. The £9.5 million Life […]

January 20th 2023

HPIC Team welcome new customers Fagus Antibody Services

We are excited to have Fagus Antibody Services join the centre. Already they are recruiting for more scientists to join their team. They offer a complete solution for all your antibody requirements. Antibodies are specialised proteins that can specifically recognise and bind, with high affinity, to a huge range of […]

December 19th 2022

Heyford Park Business Community – Customer Spotlight Series

Xerion’s technology increases the ability of radiotherapy to kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue Pioneering technology Xerion’s technology improves the effectiveness of conventional radiotherapy while minimising side-effects. The company’s Oxilia nanoparticles have a physical mode of action and offer the ability to improve treatment of a wide range of […]

December 8th 2022

Pioneering tissue regeneration technology start-up, Oxartis, wins bio-kickstart competition at HPIC

We are delighted to welcome Oxartis to Heyford Park Innovation Centre as our successful bio-kickstart competition winner. Oxartis is a bio-medical start-up that is developing tissue regeneration technology to transform the lives of patients who have suffered significant tissue loss, including burn injury or trauma as well as patients who […]

October 27th 2022

Former HPIC customers DJS Antibodies has just been acquired by AbbVie for $255 million

Congratulations to DJS Antibodies, a biotechnology company dedicated to creating the next generation of antibody therapeutics, who started life at HPIC using shared lab bench space and have just been acquired by AbbVie for $255 million. HPIC are currently asking bio tech start-ups to apply for the opportunity to secure […]

September 27th 2022

WIN! Enter today to get your biotech idea off to a flying start

Are you an innovative start-up (less than 12 months old) with a business idea that is beneficial to the environment and/or human health?  

September 1st 2022

Air Purity and Neutronix created the world’s first air disinfection system to combat airborne infections, including SARS-CoV-2

A next generation solution for infection prevention has been pioneered by Air Purity UK, alongside Neutronix who are based at HPIC. Whilst initial findings have been described as ‘groundbreaking,’ the full report on the world’s first clinical study of its kind is anticipated to be published until May 2023

August 15th 2022

Two of HPIC residents are finalists in the Cherwell Business Awards

Two of the three finalists in the category for Oxford Technology Park – Innovation Award are Nikalyte and Oxford Oxford StemTech both residents of HPIC.