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New Company to Join Heyford

May 16th 2024

Oxford Biopigments was founded in 2021 with a focus on textile dyes and a simple question: how can we do things better?

The Problem with Traditional Textile Dyes

They are produced from petrochemicals and cause problems at every stage of their life cycle. The production of these dyes is energy-intensive and environmentally unfriendly. During use, they pollute rivers and oceans. At the end of a textile’s life, these dyes do not break down easily, leading to further environmental pollution. We want to change this paradigm.

Our Solution: Sustainable Plant-Based Dyes

To address these issues, we have developed a world-first in sustainable dyes. Our plant-based dyes meet industry standards for colourfastness and perform just as well as petrochemical dyes. Importantly, they achieve this high technical performance without the harmful environmental impacts associated with traditional dyes. We are currently scaling our dyeing process with a fantastic dye house in Scotland and will be looking for potential commercial partners in the near future.

Support from Heyford Park Innovation Centre

We’ve been so lucky to have an Innovation Centre like Heyford Park on our doorstep. Finding affordable lab space as a small company is challenging and being able to join HPIC’s family of like-minded start-ups has transformed our R&D efforts. 

Oxford Biopigments is dedicated to revolutionizing the textile dye industry with sustainable, plant-based alternatives. We are excited about our progress and look forward to partnering with others to further this mission.

May 1st 2024

New Customers Extractus Join HPIC

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March 12th 2024

Oxford StemTech From Start-Up to Expansion at Heyford park Innovation Centre

We are thrilled that Oxford StemTech, a start-up based at Heyford Park Innovation Centre are graduating to larger premises due to recent growth and business success. The journey of Oxford StemTech began with the vision of its founders, Zameel Cader, Galbha Duggal and Satyan Chintawar, who embarked on their entrepreneurial […]

January 25th 2024

New Customers Albion Rye Associates join HPIC

Life Sciences recruitment partners for the UK and International markets. Established in 2018, Albion Rye Associates LTD are the go-to recruitment partner for Healthcare Consultancies, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology clients globally, through merging over half a century of recruiting experience with sector-specific knowledge and expertise. We are excited to announce the […]