Head to Head with DJS Antibodies

February 13th 2019

1.How did you start your company? 

We realised that novel immunological insights into the induction and development of strong antibody responses could be used to generate leads for therapeutic antibody development. With support from Johnson and Johnson Innovation, we started DJS Antibodies and set about testing our novel platform for antibody discovery with a number of intractable GPCR drug targets. Within a year, we’d successfully made antibodies against 10 GPCRs with a 100% success rate, enabling us to secure further funding and grow the company.

2.What are you working on at the moment? 

We have two lead programmes: one is a novel antibody for the treatment of chronic kidney disease, and the other targets solid tumours which are resistant to current treatments.

3.What do you like about being based in our DiagnOx Labs, based in Cherwell Innovation Centre?

DiagnOx’s affordable, partly equipped lab space enabled us to get started quickly. We continue to benefit from easy access to lab and office facilities.

4.What projects/ambitions do you have for the future of your company? 

DJS is looking to bring first in class therapeutics to the clinic. Our world class platform for discovering antibodies to GPCRs places us to be a leader in the discovery and development of new antibody therapeutics.

July 28th 2020

Oxfordshire Bioscience Network

We are delighted to announce that we are Umbrella members of Oxfordshire Bioscience Network.

July 22nd 2020

Our Innovation Director Wendy Tindsley

Wendy has had some amazing success stories and quite a variety of requests for support. One entrepreneur was experiencing problems of supply for organic compound synthesizing and Wendy directed him to a UK university that was able to help with his specific requirement, freeing up his business to grow. She […]

March 4th 2020

DNApal moves into exciting new phase

Back in September, Vicky Godfrey, Director of DNAPal, impressed judges with her ‘energy and tenacity’ to claim the title in the Pitching for Success round at VentureFest Oxford. Her prize was the use of a professional virtual office service, including a telephone answering and postal mailing address for 12 months […]