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Former HPIC customers DJS Antibodies has just been acquired by AbbVie for $255 million

October 27th 2022

Congratulations to DJS Antibodies, a biotechnology company dedicated to creating the next generation of antibody therapeutics, who started life at HPIC using shared lab bench space and have just been acquired by AbbVie for $255 million.

HPIC are currently asking bio tech start-ups to apply for the opportunity to secure free bench-space for one-year.

Could you be the next DJS Antibodies?

Incredible opportunity to be part of an inspiring Oxfordshire bio-science community.

Find out more here about HPIC Bio-tech bench-space opportunity. Deadline for applications is 13th November.

Joe Illingworth, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder of DJS Antibodies, said: “DJS was based at Heyford Park Innovation Centre for five years and if it wasn’t for the centre, the company would not exist.  The cost of setting-up a lab is unachievable for start-ups and there are very few places that offer shared lab space in Oxfordshire and across the UK. The Oxford Innovation Space team should feel immensely proud of the unique service they provide, which is also supported by a collaborative and growing community of like-minded people.”

DJS, is working on new therapeutics to treat the world’s most critical inflammatory diseases, a class of disease that accounts for more than 50 per cent of deaths worldwide.  With very limited start-up funding the two founders initially used their bench in shifts, with one using the bench in the daytime and the other using it in the evening.

Trudy Franklin-Slattery, HPIC Centre Manager said: “We couldn’t be more delighted for DJS Antibodies and what an incredible success story to go from quite literally working around the clock and sharing lab bench space, to establishing a successful growing business that could have such a positive impact on lives. They thoroughly deserve this success and we’re incredibly proud to be part of their journey.”

Heyford Park Innovation Centre is a fully equipped 3,000 sq. ft. managed laboratory and office facility that includes Containment Level 2 laboratories, a combined shared lab, a fully equipped cell-culture and microbiology lab along with use of a range of lab equipment and general consumables.  Companies also receive business support from a Business Innovation Director support, as well as Lab Supervisor support.


You can read more about the acquisition of DJS Antibodies here:

AbbVie Acquires DJS Antibodies, Further Strengthening Immunology Pipeline | AbbVie News Center


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