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DJS Antibodies


An unparalleled platform for the targeting GPCRs with antibodies

HEPTAD is DJS Antibodies’ proprietary antibody discovery technology and delivers unprecedented success rates in the discovery of functional antibodies to GPCRs. It is built on a deep understanding of immunology and antibody production enabling us to discover functional antibodies to complex protein targets which have hitherto been intractable to drug discovery.

Creating value through the development of unique therapeutics

We use HEPTAD to discover antibodies against challenging GPCR targets where there is a strong commercial case for an antibody therapeutic. Lead antibodies discovered with HEPTAD are fed into our antibody development pipeline where our expert team works to accelerate their development through preclinical milestones and into the clinic.

Wound Market Consulting

As International Wound Care Industry Experts with decades of experience & market-tested skills we can provide services to support you at every stage of your wound care product’s life-cycle.

Market Development Services

We help you identify where your value lies in this very complex business environment, and the best means to deliver value to the healthcare providers and payers of the market and so to you.

Clinical Evidence Services

We bring our Clinical and Commercial experience in Wound Care to the design of Clinical Evidence Programmes.

Business Development Services

With our experience in in- and out- licensing and commercial and scientific due diligence, we help you develop the best possible investment Business Case for your technology.

Pivotal Scientific

Pivotal Scientific Limited – An International biotechnology consultancy dedicated to helping companies worldwide grow sales and brand awareness.

With our in-depth industry knowledge and network we develop and implement strategic solutions to enable you to attain sustainable growth. We offer a unique portfolio of services to support you at all stages of the business life cycle.

From designing a promotional flyer to selling your company we would love to hear about your project and how we can support you.

Pantheon Systems Ltd

Pantheon Systems Limited are an innovate designer and manufacturer of ancillary items for the inkjet printing industry. If you have any individual needs or requirements please do not hesitate contact us, our team would be delighted to hear from you.


At OxTS we’re passionate about inertial navigation and how we can help our customers with our technology. With two decades of experience in combining the best of high precision GNSS receivers and world-class inertial navigation expertise, OxTS’ products have become the industry standard for automotive testing and are widely used in other industries.

Our products provide position, roll, pitch, heading and other measurements of vehicles on land, sea and in the air. Our highly accurate RT3000 series is used by almost all car manufacturers in the world for vehicle dynamics testing, validating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) sensors or developing self-driving cars.

Our range of combined, compact GNSS/INS systems are used for sensor position and orientation on mobile mapping vehicles or for direct georeferencing data from airborne surveying.

Oxford Molecular Biosensors

We are translating decades of ground-breaking research from the University of Oxford into useable tools and products for application in industry and the environment worldwide. This new technology is based on novel biosensors that can detect metals, organics and biological toxins at ultra low concentrations. These can be deployed to monitor and manage the processing of industrial wastewater and environmental pollution, which combined with our expertise can provide new and unique solutions to waste remediation.


Antiviral nanomaterials join the fight against Covid-19

Copper and silver have well reported antiviral properties, while gold nanoparticles are helping to deliver antibody tests for Covid-19. With up to 1000 times larger active surface area nanoparticles offer the potential for enhanced properties compared to simple 2D surfaces in addition to reduced material costs.

At Nikalyte we are keen to play our part in the fight against Covid-19. That is why we are offering free nanoparticle samples* to researchers investigating antiviral materials and surfaces. Tell us about your requirements and we will be glad to help.

Nick Cox Architects

New projects in sensitive historic settings are also an area of expertise having won and RIBA Regional Award for the new Music School at Stowe and designed a new catering outlet in the sensitive setting of Calke Abbey. At Stonor Park we have designed and gained permission for a new visitor centre in the Chiltern Hills – another sensitive landscape site. At Winchester Cathedral new design interventions have been made in a most sensitive setting and we have also delivered new build projects for a number of private clients.

Nexus Utilities

The Nexus Vision

“Nexus Utilities vision is simple; to be the one point of contact for utility design and installation for developers and their prospective new developments, whilst forging a transparent and trusted relationship with our clients.

With a deep understanding of the civil and ground-works considerations on site, we aim to deliver a seamless and efficient way of delivering essential energy and water requirements to new developments.”

John Gaughan – Director


Neutronix Ltd offers Electronic design services and Software development for a variety of markets. We have experience in telecoms, automotive, industrial, consumer market, diagnostic and instrumentation. With our facilities, experience and know-how, we have all the resources to design your next custom product and offer the very best service at a competitive price. We have an in-depth understanding of Electronics, Embedded Software, PCB Layout and FPGA design which will make us your best development partner, no matter how small or big your design is.

Xerion Healthcare

Pioneering technology

Xerion’s technology improves the effectiveness of conventional radiotherapy while minimising side-effects. The company’s Oxilia nanoparticles have a physical mode of action and offer the ability to improve treatment of a wide range of solid tumours.

A strong background, a strong future

Spun out from Oxford University in 2015 following eight years of research, Xerion Healthcare is based and founded in the UK to develop and commercialise Oxilia treatment.

Love Your Block

We are residential property Managing Agents who believe everybody deserves to live in a peaceful and well-maintained home.  That’s why we do what we do. Our team has over 26 years of in-depth Property Management experience.  We have a strong team comprising of Solicitors, Surveyors, Building Maintenance experts and various other professionals in their fields.

We consult with residents and leaseholders to ensure that your property is managed to the benefit of all residents.  We value being responsible, open, collaborative, honest and respectful in all our undertakings.  We take the hassle and stress off your plate and give you the peace of mind, knowing you have a trusted partner to manage your block.

HPL Insurance

Coming soon!

Frontline Safety

Frontline Safety supply individuals and organisations of varying degrees and sizes across a range of sectors including oil and gas, energy, general process, chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental.  With our combined experience of over 50 years in technical service, sales, customer relations and product support, our team of knowledgeable staff are readily available to help customers find suitable solutions to meet their needs and requirements.

Everest Biotech

Specialists in anti-peptide and antigen affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies since 2000.  Our antibodies have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – they work in your lab or your money back.

Community Dental Services

We combine a public service ethos with the innovation and dynamism of a business and emerged with a vision and a belief that being a competitive, well-run and profitable business is the best way of achieving social aims. As a social enterprise we are a business that trades for a social purpose.

We have a clear sense of our social mission which is ‘Improving Oral Health in Ever More Communities’ and we know what difference we are trying to make, who we aim to help, and how we plan to do it.


We fulfil our mission by:

  • Providing the life science industry with a new, modern and personal approach to the supply of research reagents;
  • By developing innovations and solutions through working closely with our international supplier network.
  • By our commitment to work everyday in accordance with our promise that “no one does more for the customer”.
  • 2BScientific is also committed to providing our employees with meaningful work and advancement opportunities.