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We are proud to see our graduated customers continuing to grow and succeed

November 2nd 2023

Which is why we’d like to congratulate FitnessGenes on their earning of the prestigious Cherwell Business Award.

Oxford Technology Park proudly announces FitnessGenes as the recipient of the prestigious Cherwell Business Awards Innovation Award. As the sponsor of this esteemed award, Oxford Technology Park extend a heartfelt congratulations to FitnessGenes for their outstanding contribution to innovation in the business community.

The Cherwell Business Awards, held on Friday 8 September 2023, celebrated excellence and innovation across various sectors in the Cherwell district. This event brought together business leaders, companies, and organisations to acknowledge and honor remarkable achievements within the community.

FitnessGenes, a trailblazing company in the field of health and wellness, was recognised for their pioneering work in leveraging DNA Testing and genetic insights to optimise fitness and well-being. Their innovative approach not only represents a breakthrough in the fitness industry but also underscores the potential of science and technology to enhance our lives.

Angus Bates, Developer at Oxford Technology Park said: “We are honoured to sponsor the Innovation Award and to play a role in celebrating organisations that push the boundaries of conventional thinking. We believe that fostering innovation is crucial for driving economic growth and making a positive impact on society.”

As a leader in providing a collaborative environment for innovative businesses, Oxford Technology Park understands the importance of recognising and supporting those who drive innovation in the region. The success of FitnessGenes serves as an inspiration for all businesses and entrepreneurs striving to make a difference through innovation.

Marie Parkinson, Director of the Cherwell Business Awards, expressed her enthusiasm for the Innovation Award and its significance in recognising forward-thinking businesses. She stated, “Innovation is the cornerstone of progress, and FitnessGenes exemplifies the spirit of creative thinking and cutting-edge solutions that drive our community forward.”

November 21st 2023

ConserV Bioscience grows team of vaccine specialists

ConserV Bioscience Ltd specialises in the development of vaccines against human diseases. The company was created in October 2020 as a spin out of the parent company PepTcell, so they have just celebrated their third anniversary. They have a large portfolio of vaccine candidates in different stages of development. Their […]

October 17th 2023

Our customer Nikalyte have expanded their manufacturing capability

At Heyford Park Innovation Centre, we pride ourselves on our flexibility with our customers and their spaces, even enabling our customers to knock walls down to create doorways in order to continue advancing their projects. Our customer Nikalyte have expanded their manufacturing capability at their Heyford Park Innovation Centre home […]

September 26th 2023

Innovation Director Wendy Tindsley has been awarded the Becky Moyce Tribute Award, ran by the Cherwell Business Awards

We at Oxford Innovation Space are proud to announce that our wonderful Innovation Director Wendy Tindsley has been awarded the Becky Moyce Tribute Award, ran by the Cherwell Business Awards. The Becky Moyce Tribute Award was created two years ago to commemorate the work of the late Becky Moyce, who […]