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Our customer Nikalyte have expanded their manufacturing capability

October 17th 2023

At Heyford Park Innovation Centre, we pride ourselves on our flexibility with our customers and their spaces, even enabling our customers to knock walls down to create doorways in order to continue advancing their projects.

Our customer Nikalyte have expanded their manufacturing capability at their Heyford Park Innovation Centre home to facilitate the build of larger and more complex plasma vapour deposition (PVD) vacuum systems. Not only will the new larger build area enable the Nikalyte team to build and test the larger PVD systems, but it will also offer a dedicated space to showcase the technology to customers and visitors. The new manufacturing received the first vacuum system last week for build up into a fully automated nanoparticle and magnetron sputtering system. The finished system will be delivered to a Scottish University later this year to take its place in a brand-new life sciences research facility where it will be used in medical nanotechnology research.

Nikalyte launched its first compact nanoparticle deposition system back in 2020 and has since supplied its unique technology to academic and Industrial research groups across the world. Nikalyte’s unique technology produces nanomaterials coatings from materials including gold, silver, and copper. These materials have applications in a wide range of areas including: healthcare, environmental monitoring, narcotics detection, and green energy. Some examples of where Nikalyte’s technology is currently being used include the development of new catalyst materials for green hydrogen, law enforcement narcotics screening, and high sensitivity biosensors used to detect cancer biomarkers.

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May 16th 2024

New Company to Join Heyford

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May 1st 2024

New Customers Extractus Join HPIC

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March 12th 2024

Oxford StemTech From Start-Up to Expansion at Heyford park Innovation Centre

We are thrilled that Oxford StemTech, a start-up based at Heyford Park Innovation Centre are graduating to larger premises due to recent growth and business success. The journey of Oxford StemTech began with the vision of its founders, Zameel Cader, Galbha Duggal and Satyan Chintawar, who embarked on their entrepreneurial […]