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Innovation Director Wendy Tindsley has been awarded the Becky Moyce Tribute Award, ran by the Cherwell Business Awards

September 26th 2023

We at Oxford Innovation Space are proud to announce that our wonderful Innovation Director Wendy Tindsley has been awarded the Becky Moyce Tribute Award, ran by the Cherwell Business Awards.

The Becky Moyce Tribute Award was created two years ago to commemorate the work of the late Becky Moyce, who was the in-house photographer for the Cherwell Business Awards. She was known for her kindness and selflessness, willing to go above and beyond to help those around her. In her memory, the award is presented to individuals in the Cherwell district who work the hardest for the good of others and the business community.

Wendy was made aware of the award when catching up with a great friend of hers who has organized the ceremony for a long time, of which she stated the award was a lovely way of remembering Becky and her work. At the same time, she was offered tickets to the awards ceremony, however she couldn’t make an appearance on the night.

After this catchup, both businesswomen traveled to Heyford Park Innovation Centre, where Wendy was caught off guard as she was presented the award. The centre staff were also present to capture her candid reaction. Here’s what Wendy has to say on the matter:

“It had suddenly dawned on me that I had been totally set up! I was completely floored by this award, it’s rather special.”

She continued to then say this:

“It’s sad that there had to be a tribute award, it’d be better for her to be here in person, but I’m really honored to have received this award”

Wendy has been working hard to help numerous of our centres as Innovation Director for over nine years, proving time and again that she has done her utmost to supply our customers with the business advice and resources they need.

Congratulations Wendy!

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