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Air Purity and Neutronix created the world’s first air disinfection system to combat airborne infections, including SARS-CoV-2

September 1st 2022

A next generation solution for infection prevention has been pioneered by Air Purity UK, alongside Neutronix who are based at Heyford Park Innovation Centre (HPIC), Oxfordshire. The clinical air filtration device removes airborne organics, making enclosed spaces such as hospital wards safer by reducing secondary infections, and ultimately saving lives.

The solution has been developed for the world’s first clinical study at Cambridge University Hospitals and the initial data is positive, transforming the worst performing hospital wards due to infections into likely the best performing.

The clinical air filtration system actively monitors air levels and responds in real time to any raised levels in aerosols and carbon dioxide and adjusting when necessary. The device can then respond instantly in real time, by altering air flows to remove potential risks from the learnings obtain within hospitals.

Darren Sloof, Air Purity UK, CEO explains: “This device has evolved as a result of over four years of scientific rigor, expertise and study in real world environments. Being the first in the world to prevent ward outbreaks is a significant step. Technology today is still assessed in a lab within a controlled environment, we did the opposite. We are learning more each day and the next step is to share these learnings with the world. We have been working with Neutronix at HPIC for the last two years to develop the medical standard electrical systems. This technical expertise is an incredibly important part of the device, including the sensor systems and computer-generated flow patterns.”

Neutronix Ltd, CEO, Francesco Poderico added: “We have extensive experience in designing bespoke electronics and PCB layouts. The air filtration system is such a rewarding project to be involved in and it has been great to have been part of the journey taking the electronic design through the development cycle, from concept to production.”

Whilst initial findings have been described as ‘groundbreaking,’ the full report on the world’s first clinical study of its kind is anticipated to be published until May 2023. It is hoped that this life-saving technology can then be applied in numerous settings, including hospitals, clinical labs, care homes and schools, both here in the UK and around the world. Whilst there are challenges and steps that need to be taken to bring this device to a wider market, the team are confident that this pioneering work will become the benchmark of what can be achieved globally and help to shape future infection control policy.

HPIC Innovation Director, Wendy Tindsley said: “This innovative solution goes to show that relatively small businesses can play a huge role in tackling real-world issues and positively impact lives. We are incredibly proud that the facilities at Heyford Park Innovation Centre have contributed to this breakthrough, and hope it inspires other businesses and start-ups to pursue their innovative ideas. I look forward to seeing how this will progress and how this gets the recognition it deserves. The world is quite literally waiting for something like this.”

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